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Astronauts just found life in space, we kid you not

Russian cosmonauts have discovered something remarkable clinging to the outside of the International Space Station: living organisms.

Results of the experiment are absolutely unique" | Follow micdotcom





Is funny when doctors and other peeps act like my problem is that I’m obsessed w/ my disability. Um no. You have it backwards. The problem is I HAVE to be cuz it is a constant problem.

I’m deaf. About 25 years ago, I was working for a little while as a classroom aide at a program that worked with deaf children with multiple disabilities. All the teachers and other classroom aides were hearing, but they all could sign.  Not at native signing level, but enough to carry on a basic conversation.

So, one evening, all us adults bring all the kids to a special one-night camping trip. All the kids are put to sleep, which frees up the adults to get into a circle and have some fun to ourselves for a while. People start talking, except they were forgetting to sign.  So I reminded them to please sign so I could understand them.  One of them told me that, no, they weren’t going to sign because this was our night to have fun and not have to think about communication.

So no one signed all night. They talked, they laughed, they had fun. I sat, feeling lost and cut off and betrayed. I remember wishing I had had the nerve to say, “No, what you mean is, you want a night in which everyone EXCEPT ME gets to not think about communication.”

I think sometimes when non-disabled people insist that we are too obsessed with our disability, what they REALLY mean is, “I wish you would stop reminding me that I have a shared responsibility as a fellow member of society to proactively ensure that we all have an opportunity to be engaged in society.  I wish you would just pretend to not have a disability so I can pretend that I don’t have to do anything to enable you to do the same things the rest of us are doing.”

The luxury of not needing to think about disability in a society that is designed to lock us on the cold outside is a non-disabled privilege. 






The Sumatran Tiger is said to be extinct by 2015, with fewer than 300-400 left in the wild due to large-scale habitat loss, poaching, hunting and human-tiger conflict. Other subspecies are said to follow. 

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Ok so tigers are my favourite animal and this literally kills me.
I have 12,000+ followers
if each one of you donated like £3 it would be huge.
Please and thank you.






“So I can say with full confidence to those who dream of becoming a mangaka: even if you suck, it’s okay!♥ Just try your hardest and please don’t give up! Even if it’s bent, smudged, done in a felt pen, done in ten seconds per panel, or done with no rough draft, just be sure to make those deadlines. Anything is okay. Even if it sucks, it might become an anime someday!”Naoko Takeuchi

(original: x|x - ©starrynight||

PS this is what I mean when I talk about her being rushed- SHE DID A LOT OF STUFF AT ONCE, like do the numbers of what she’s talking about here.I guess I kinda get more defensive of her than other artists because she’s pretty clearly aware of a lot of the flaws and really apologetic about it. And I still really like her work despite all those limitations! So.i just like her i think she’s cool…and always will…

this makes me like takeuchi about 500 times more omg it’s so cute… i’m glad that she’s aware of the flaws in her work too (though probably a little too aware) (honey it’s ok sshh)

also these are some real inspirational words of advice yo

47 pages in three days good lord

I love these so much, I wish she made more!! I would just read an entire graphic novel of her talking about her experiences. She’s my hero.

I respect the hell out of her for drawing so much work in so little time.

Unfortunately I kind of agree with her about the quality of the artwork, which is why I never collected the manga. D:
I want to now, just for completion’s sake, but it would be over a hundred dollars at least.

Writing death scenes


At some point in our writing careers we will all (probably) have the dubious pleasure of killing off a character. Perhaps this character is a villain, perhaps they are the hero. Regardless, this scene can be quite difficult to write. Especially if you want to make it poignant.

When/why should we kill characters

I want to start off by looking at how other authors have killed off their characters and more importantly why they killed their characters. J.K Rowling has killed off numerous characters, all done for different reasons. First of all the first significant death for the reader is that of Cedrics. Cedric is killed for shock value and to show the brutality of Voldemort and it also starts the transgression of the stories from innocent to dark and scary. Cedric’s death is important, it gives Harry and several other characters a reason to keep fighting. It also shows the reader that Voldemort will kill anyone that gets in the way. Cedric is killed quickly and Harry doesn’t really get time to react before he is attacked by Pettigrew and Voldemort.

Dumbledore was killed because Rowling wanted to cut Harry off from his last parental figure, to make him independent for the last book (more or less). Not only that but the fall of Dumbledore is the catalyst to the falling of the ministry and the falling of the Wizarding World to Lord Voldemort. Dumbledore’s death destroys the last protection Hogwarts and the wizarding world has against Voldemort. Unlike Cedric’s Harry has time to process this death, he understands what is about to happen and his emotions are clear to the reader. This scene is meant to make the reader to cry (I bawled buckets), it is Dumbledore’s clear acceptance of death that tears the reader apart, that and Harry’s helplessness in the situation.

Suzanne Collins also kills a few characters off in the Hunger Game series. Some deaths have no effect on the reader as the reader doesn’t care for them, and their death helps Katniss. One death however is intensely emotional: Rue’s Death. Rue is killed I feel to show the ruthlessness of the games, despite the age of the character. It also develops the plot and Katniss as she then wants to win more than ever. What makes it so sad? Everything. Rue is innocent, sweet and she didn’t deserve this ending. Katniss is helpless and no matter what she does Rue will die. But their conversation and the lullaby breaks the heart of the reader. To me though it was the aftermath that made it such a good scene. It was Katniss surrounding her body in followers, respecting her and making her death matter.

So how do we write them?

I would sit down and think about what you want this death to achieve, both for your plot and for the emotions of your reader. Not all death scenes are sad, it depends on the character, the reason and how. If this character is hated then you want people to be either happy or to feel sympathy for this hated character.

  • Peter Pettigrew, we all hated him. But when he died J.K made you pity him, in his last moments he helped Harry which cost him his life. It gave him redemption in his last moments and caused us to pity him.

  • Whereas Bellatrix’s death is fantastic, we all probably love it. Why? Because she’s horrid, she tries to kill Ginny and Molly, she taunts them. She is the strongest of Voldemorts allies and she is killed by a witch that you never think is that powerful until she whips Bellatrix’s ass. Bellatrix never stops being a cow, even in her last moments. And as the reader we want her to die, we want Molly to win.

But what if you want to make your reader cry, without being mega icky. Well I would read books with major character death. Look at how they do it and try to warp their way to fit you, your style and your book. I think there is a few ways you can go about starting the water works, this is just from my own observation.

  • The characters knowing they are going to die and having time to think about it. This is when the character contemplates death and either accepts it or fights against it and the reader is left with the feeling that it just isn’t fair. You could do this by the character talking about their upcoming death or through their inner thoughts and fears. Some examples: Hazel Grace, Augustus Waters and Harry Potter

  • Surprise death. I suppose this is for shock value, but when you think of life you don’t expect people to die and I suppose that is the same for books. These deaths are never normally expected, either because the character is powerful or because you weren’t aware as the reader of the danger. Examples include: Prim, Dumbledore, Sirius, Augustus (to an extent).

  • When readers don’t ‘see’ the death but only the reactions of other people. This ties in with surprise death but I think it is slightly different as since the character doesn’t have chance to have lasts words and instead just die.

So death needs a reason and if they are cared about by other characters or readers it will affect the reader and cause the waterworks. A characters reaction to death is for most people the cause of tears. Think of your favourite movie or book or tv show and think of when you cried during these. Why did you cry at that scene?

I think empathy for characters plays a large role in causing tears. If your reader can’t empathise with this character they are less likely to be upset. One example that springs to mind is Marley and Me, this films ending was so sad because you could understand the characters pains and feelings for the dog- you could empathise with their pain and their loss. This is something that you need to replicate with your own characters.

So how can you create empathy?

  • The character is nice, good, likeable. They’ve done no wrong and it’s unfair.
  • The relationship is understandable and therefore another characters reaction to their friend/brothers/mothers death is relatable to the reader. They understand the pain.
  • The reader feels sorry for the character. I know it’s not a book but Supernatural springs to mind. I think when watching that show you can’t help but feel sorry for the characters because they’ve had a bad childhood and a crappy life and you just want them to be happy and they don’t get that chance.

But an important thing to remember is that not all deaths need to be important, not all deaths mean something to the main characters. Not only that but not all deaths need to make the reader emotional and not all deaths can regardless of how you write it.

Useful links

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I don’t think this was what many of you were expecting, instead of telling you how to do it I just dissected how others have done it. I just like categorising things. Hope you found this useful!







So tumblr user coindication tagged me(sixpenceee) in a post about this game and thought I’d find it interesting.

And boy did I. It’s really cool. You get to start your life over again from scratch and you make your own decisions and see where it takes you.

I found it pretty amusing. 

You can play the game here

legit been playing this for like an hour

going on 2 hours here

That was fun but I got kidnapped.

this is rly good 10/10 plz play

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